Overheard in the cube farm…

What, “You don’t have IntelliJ money lying around to upgrade your IntelliJ?”

The last couple days we’ve been using the new term “IntelliJ money” when we’re talking about spending a big chunk of change on something. So it was especially funny when our resident IntelliJ guy made the comment that he couldn’t believe there was a new version. I said any real IntelliJ fan would have the latest and greatest. My buddy said he can’t afford to upgrade. I had the perfect opportunity to drop the double IntelliJ quote.

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  1. pete

    eclipse upgrade are free 🙂

  2. Andy

    So is NetBeans.

  3. Tim

    A personal edition upgrade of IntelliJ IDEA is on $150, and the commercial is $300. For a professional software development organization, that’s chump change. It would costs weeks of lost productivity for a skilled IDEA developer to move to Eclipse. Sounds like you’re being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

  4. erik

    I will use whatever IDE my boss tells me to use. 😉

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