Come learn about Maven tonight…

… at the Spring Dallas User Group.

Ryan Breidenbach is giving his No Fluff Just Stuff Maven talk “Harnessing the Power of Maven

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  1. Pete Carapetyan

    JavaLobby announced this morning someone is writing yet another Ant/Maven/whatever follow on using groovy as the script language instead of xml.

    Another syntax or semantic set I can handle, but I really wish we could all standardize on the Maven organization and discipline structure. Or just standardize on ANY one good, and let Maven and Ant and whatever follow that same structure.

    I spend soooo much of my time as a developer just figuring out how people organize their builds and deployments. Working with the Oracle suite now, they have their own totally different (but similar) setup, and it is taking days and days and days to learn it all, and it’s going to do me no good whatsoever on any other system. Complete waste of time.

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