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Originally uploaded by Erik Weibust.

Here is a screenshot of the desktop on my brand new vista-running laptop. I got it about 6 hours ago and haven’t really done anything to it yet. The point of this picture is to show HOW MUCH DARN CRAPware is intalled by on a new machine. It makes me sick. And what happend to the days when Microsoft pushed the clean, empty, icon-free desktop. I guess they changed their minds and told pc vendors to go crazy.

I’ll clean this up as soon as I learn what’s the best method. I’d format the harddrive and start fresh but I’m pretty sure all this “crapware” is baked in to the OS HP ships the laptop with.

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  1. Pete Carapetyan

    Erik I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t go the XP route. But I’m glad too, because you’ll make a great guinea pig.

    So what inspired you to go Vista ?

    And are there any nice surprises on the good side?

    What is amazing to me is how little buzz I have heard about Vista from people I know. After 5 years of work it’s gotta have some cool stuff that people would want to talk about. Of course, I have a Vista license for my new box and I’m scared to death of installing it. Nothing like trusting Microsoft huh ?

  2. Tim

    I bought a new laptop about a bit over a month ago. Mine came with the bloated Windows XP installation. I re-formatted and did a clean install of Vista Business edition. I’ve actually been very impressed with Vista. Took a bit to get used to the new locations of things I need, but it has been very stable and I’ve found it to be a big step up from XP. Try for a clean Vista install before falling back to XP.

  3. erik


    I bought the laptop at Circuit City. They had an awesome sale; with rebate only $899. That said, I got what I paid for, a laptop with Vista. I don’t really want to comment on the version of Vista that came on my box. It was loaded-down with a ton of “crapware” that I haven’t had time to remove. However, I got Ubuntu installed and it works great. Look for a post in the next few days covering my latest “tweaks”.

  4. erik


    I’d love to simply format my machine and go with a clean install of Vista, but all HP provided was recovery DVDs. Which I doubt have a clean version of Vista. I assume when I run the recovery disks I’ll get all the crapware HP put on my box to begin with. And there is no chance in me paying full price for another copy of Vista.

  5. gabriel

    Erik, hi, i am from Argentina and bought your same computer. Did you find a way to get rid of the crapware and which one you should leave?? because the booting time with the Vista Premium it´s really long and i assume it´s the crapware. Also, what is your impression of the computer running with Ubuntu? does everything work? Thanks!!!

  6. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Gabriel,

    I wish I could tell you I found a way to remove the crapware, but I didn’t. I tried my best going the manual route and that’s it. On the Ubuntu front, I’m having great luck with it. Ubuntu runs tremendously better then Vista on this machine. Very happy with it.

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