Dirk Nowitski sucks!  He played like sh!t the entire Golden State series.  The only time he looked worth a damn was when there was no pressure.  Yes, he looked ok at the end of Game 5, but when you’re down 3 games to 1 I’d call it a meaning-less game cuz you aren’t coming back.

I hope Cuban trades Dirk this offseason.  Get me an American that isn’t afraid to get fouled!!!

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  1. Scott Williams

    Now the door is wide open for the Rockets to take the Championship! Go Rockets!

  2. erik

    Hmm… I’d say the Rockets chance are as good as anybody else’s chances in the West, but I think I’m ready to put my energy behind the Chicago Bulls.

    Go BULLS!!!

  3. Andy

    Anybody but the smug Nellie, Davis, Jackson combo. GS just became the most hated team (even over Duh-Wade). I hope Nellie loses his 6.6 million in arbitration.

  4. pete

    as if cuban’s not a giant ass himself….go warriors!

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