I got a new addition to this website. I’ve added a Runometer widget to my sidebar. So I guess I’m asking for ya’ll to hold me accountable on how often and how long I run. I’m shooting for 4 days a week. Anything less then 3 days a week is pitiful. Four is the current target, and I hope to be a 5 times a week runner.

The best thing about Runometer is that it might enable me to be completely free of Windows. One of the remaining things on my list was how to deal with my Nike Plus running monitor.  It’s a gadget that plugs into my iPod.  I really like the toy, and enjoy being able to track my runs.  The problem is that it requires, or did require, iTunes.  With Runometer I think I’m FREE.

Now I just need to re-rip my 450+ CD collection from aac to mp3.  I don’t look forward to that, but it should remove the iTunes/Windows dependency for good.

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  1. Mark

    Nice find. IMHO we are about to get the ultimate training assistance pretty soon. At one end of the spectrum we have the Forerunner which plots through
    a gps and on the other end HRMs. When the two combine into a watch size form factor life will get very good the us “Joe Weekend Stars”. The Forerunner is still a bit big for me and it doesn’t give me HR info. When the day comes that I can download my run or bike and see exactly where my HR when up during which point (typcially a hill) you’ll have everything you need to figure out how you need to adjust your training. Can’t wait till that day comes.

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