I Disagree With Wayne Beaton

Wayne Beaton had a post on his blog the other day where he goes into a 1000 word essay trying to answer the question, “What is Eclipse?” I have to disagree with him and say, “Nope, Eclipse is just an IDE.” It’s a great one, an awesome one, but it’s just that, an IDE.

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  1. ludo

    Yes, it is an IDE.
    And it is very hard to install, especially previews or J2EE/Web support.

    Any person who can describes what to download, what to unzip and what to configure to try to use latest Eclipse and builds from WTP 2.0 so that people can start playing with Java EE 5 support?

    If I cannot find a way, I am wondering if I need to change job, unless someone in the Eclipse release engineering team is not doing his job…

    Please, please please, if someone is reading this post: give complete instructions (in simple words) on how to create a JPA entity bean in a Web Application with Java EE 5 selected, and deploy it to a Java EE 5 container (Oracle, jBoss, BEA or GlassFish) starting from what it is necessary to download. Preview is OK, in fact, this is what I want to see: a pre view.


  2. Joshua Gertzen

    Use Help->Find and Install updates. Then add a new update site for the WTP project. After that, choose to install WTP and eclipse will automatically install the updates you need. Although not 100% in line with what you’re doing, we cover the majority of what you need in our ThinWire Debugging tutorial: http://www.thinwire.com/?n=Participate.TutorialDebugging

    As for JPA… just bring in the libraries and add some annotations. Oracle’s reference is one of the better available: (who ever thought I’d say anything positive about Oracle?): http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/ias/toplink/jpa/resources/toplink-jpa-annotations.html

  3. Wayne Beaton

    You are, of course, allowed to disagree. To you, it’s just an IDE. Frankly, I find that limiting, but I respect your view.

  4. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Wayne, thanks for stopping by.

    I still think Eclipse is just an IDE. However, my company might be moving from webapps to RCP apps for our internal business apps. Maybe my opinion of Eclipse will change. I’ll make sure and let you know.


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