Josh Hancock’s Father is an Idiot…

The news about Josh Hancock’s father filing law suits against businesses/people from the night of his son’s death makes me sick.  His dad is an idiot and needs to face the facts.  Josh Hancock was stoned and drunk and died the death of a fool.  Suing people because his son did something stupid isn’t gonna erase the dumb things his son did that night.

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  1. Charlie

    You are so correct, this guy is an idiot. I feel sorry for those involved in
    this dumb lawsuit.
    When will America wake up!! There is always a consequences for your own stupidy. I laught when I found out that he died from drunk driving.
    and still laughing.
    Both father and son are morons.

  2. erik

    AMEN Charlie!

  3. Nena

    I agree I think what his family is doing is the most stupidest thing. They have no right to be suing anyone. Yeah, he may have been drinking, but the offered him a cab and he said no he was walking, so right there he lied. Plus if you go to they have the lawsuit on there, read that and it makes you more sick. That family needs to really think about what they are doing, because they are making themselves look like morons and Josh. Josh was doing some many things wrong that night, so there is no reason for them doing that. I agree 100% with you!!

  4. erik

    Thanks for stopping by Nena.

  5. Butcher Of Wilkesboro

    America has stopped being responsible for it’s actions. Mr. Hancock needs to grow up and mourn his son and not look for a dollar to ease his pain.

  6. Larry

    This lawsuit is the clearest example in a long time of the problems this country has in it’s legal system. When this lawsuit can even be allowed to be filed, we get further from personal responsibility than ever before. Yes, maybe the bar did feed him drinks, but I would expect that Hancock is not the only pro athlete ever to have this happen when out in public. Athletes always get this kind of treatment, but the vast majority know that they shouldn’t drive afterward (ok, maybe not, but at least they don’t kill themselves in accidents).

    As a person who drives a lot in my work, I don’t want to have to worry if I ever break down that if someone else hits me, I can be liable! That is the part that makes me the most sick.

    In my opinion, this lawsuit was filed by his father due to the fact that his son will not be able to support him for the rest of his life on his MLB salary. “Boo hoo, my son is dead. How will I get money from him anymore? Wait, I’ll sue eveyone!” For my money, the only person ultimately responsible is Hancock himself.

  7. Dom

    It’s a tragedy anytime someone passes prematurely but when the individual is boozing, drugging, and driving while on the phone? C’mon, this lawsuit is absurd. Maybe if he wasn’t on the phone he would have seen the vehicles and been able to avoid. Why not sue the local goverment for not outlawing phone conversations while driving? (I’m not serious). His father needs to realize every decision his kid made that night was wrong, mourn and move on to something more positive; like speaking out against drunk driving to prevent others from the same fate. This is about one thing, $$$, daddy needs to get paid now that his kid can’t bring home a multi-million $ contract.

  8. Virgil

    Can’t something be done to have the lawyers disbarred?

  9. erik

    I appreciate all the comments from all you new readers. Your comments are all varied but all hold true with one thing… This lawsuit is a joke, and Hancock’s father is a fool.

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