Firefox session restore…

I just recently learned about Firefox session restore.  I can’t believe it’s been available all this time from the dang Preferences menu.

What I have known about and really liked is the Google Browser Sync plugin.  I use it on the 3 machines I normally use to keep my bookmarks in sync.  However, I’m thinking about dropping the plugin as it does cause problems when you don’t have a network connection.  I end up losing all the open tabs I had (it’s possible to get them back with a lot of digging in your history, but who has time for that).

I think I’m gonna try using both features, Google Browser sync to keep all my machines sync’ed up, and Firefox session restore to cover me for when I don’t have a network connection.  With the backup option I can at least have my tabs populate, yes, without content, but then I can save them to my bookmarks and get them back when I do get a connection.

Forgive me if I over think this browser tab thing, but I normally have between 30-50 tabs open at one time.  I guess I’m a webpage pack-rat.  I never kill off a tab.  I use them as a reference library when researching something, I keep all my favorite sports pages up, gmail, google calendar, reader, and the list goes on and on.

If anyone know of a better solution to manage something like this let me know.  I really  thought I hit the holy grail with Google Browser Sync, but it really kills me when I don’t have a network connection.

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