Tonight was a big running night for me.  I got just over 6 miles logged.  I ran 3 outside, listening to the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club CD I got today.  Then I ran in the house, grabbed my water bottle, and jumped on the treadmill to log another 3 miles.  I haven’t ran 6 miles in a long-ass time.  It felt good.

Another thing to mention is a new running challenge.  My June goal is to log 60 miles, which would be a record for me.  This image shows my previous best, 54 miles.  Root for me.  😉

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  1. Mark

    Looks to be 4 x ~4milers a week to reach your goal; IMHO a very do-able goal.

    Ironically I have a blog post coming today on the topic of training, and my all time consuming house.

    Either way you have my root. 😉

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