Windows Safari Sucks Behind our Proxy Server

I was pretty excited to see Apple release Safari for Windows this week. I quickly grabbed it and installed. The problem is that I fire it up and it can’t get past our corporate proxy server.

I say to myself, no problem, it probably needs to be manually configured. So I go to Edit -> Preferences and then click through the tabs looking for a place to configure my internet connection/proxy settings. I found “Proxies” on the “Advanced” tab; the only problem is the bastard is disabled (greyed-out).

I guess Safari isn’t ready for the Windows business world.

Please login to proxy?Not allowed to modify your proxy settings.

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  1. Jing Xue

    Same thing here. I guess we’ll have to wait for the release. Still a very good thing – it’s as close as we can get to testing our apps in Safari without getting a Mac. 🙂

  2. erik

    I agree, Jing. Apple releasing Safari for Windows saved me a lot of cash. Now I don’t need to buy an Apple.

  3. Justin Jerald


    Safari beta 3 is crashing behind the MS ISA proxy. But it is working fine behind the websense which will forward the connection again thru the ISA.


  4. erik


    Do you have any ideas on how I can get Safari running here at my office?

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