Off the Bench…

Twelve days ago I damn near killed myself while running on the treadmill. I was deep into a 6 mile run when my right calf violently cramped-up on me (Note: none of these are “real” medical terms). I immediately throttled the treadmill down to a crawl. You can see the graph from that run which clearly shows the injury. I limped along for a few more minutes hoping my calf would loosen up, but no dice. It was so bad that I thought I might need a crutch for that night’s festivities, we went to the BRMC concert.

Anyhow, enough on the injury. I spent the last 10 days stretching the hell outta my calf. Probably stretched it 6-8 times a day. Today I decided to try it out. Katie warned me to not even think about running. So I did a brisk walk on the treadmill. Getting up to 4mph and a 4 degree incline. I gingerly jogged the last 8 minutes at a very slow pace. I experienced no pain and plan on trying again tomorrow night with a bit more jogging and less walking. The walk/run ended up being just under 40 mins and a bit under 2.5 miles.

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