Eclipse Europa Download…

So I’ve been tasked with “test-driving” Eclipse Europa for my team at work.  Making sure that our set of plugins works with everything that is in Europa.

Europa is due to be released in 16 hours.  That’s 8am Dallas time.  However, I’m guessing that it’s a bit later in the day it ends up being available.  Plus, I’m guessing the download will take quite some time to download.

Just for fun I grabbed the latest version of Eclipse WTP, in the form of their all-in-one download.  The download includes 5 of the the 21 projects that make up Europa, and it weighed in at 266 MB.  The key is this is the larger part of Europa, as WTP all-in-one includes Eclipse, which is the bulk of the download.  Anyhow, this afternoon I pulled the WTP all-in-one, 266 MB zip file down in a brisk 3:30.  That’s 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  210 seconds.  FAST is my point.

Lets hope I’m as lucky tomorrow while downloading Europa as I was today with the WTP all-in-one.

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  1. Duglas Cañas

    i am new student about eclipse

  2. vijay

    Eclipse is good

  3. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Vijay,

    I agree… Eclipse IS good. I see NO reason for paying for an ide when something as good as Eclipse exists, and is free.


  4. Alec

    Where can I download eclipse Europa? not in the link anymore. Eclipse is good but it is very disorganized!
    For a programmer to be able to download and actually use it need to spend so much times to just look for the download and find more information needed. Everything is scattered around……

  5. naresh

    i need eclipse europa

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