The Pope is a Moron…

Yup, I said it… The pope is a moron! Who does he think he is calling Protestants non-Christians. This is pulled from a CNN story on the topic

The Vatican on Tuesday said Christian denominations outside the Roman Catholic Church were not full churches of Jesus Christ.

The catholic church goes on to say that Protestants are wrong for not recognizing the pope. My question is what do you want me to recognize? He’s just some old dude that has no sense of reality. He’s just another preacher/priest.  What about him is so important?
It’s pretty bold and dumb for the catholic church to make such an accusation.

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  1. Mark

    Sorry for the delay in my response but I just returned from Europe.

    To begin there is nothing new going on here, just a restatement of what everyone has known for quite some time. Catholics think they have it right and their leader is restating that fact.

    “he Vatican text, which restates the controversial document “Dominus Iesus” issued by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2000, said the Church wanted to stress this point because some Catholic theologians continued to misunderstand it.”

    If a leader of the Protestant church wants to do the same thing he is more then welcome to express his view that they have it right. To be honest I don’t see the big deal. By saying that you follow a certain faith you are in fact telling the rest of the faiths that they are wrong. It’s a hard truth but it’s the reality of religion.

    You’ve also touched on a number of points which I would like to address.

    First the Pope “position”, for lack of a better word, was created by Jesus.

    The full history is well known and documented.

    Next, it is the Protestant people who separated from the Catholic faith during what everyone knows as the Reformation. Given that I am Catholic I personally think they made a mistake. But I’m not about to tell you that the Catholic church didn’t give them alot reasons to do it. As with everything on this planet it’s run by man who is fallible so things are bound to go wrong.

    So with those two things out of the way I would personally ask that you refrain from calling my spiritual leader, the now Peter representative, things like moron and such. By way of an example, I think Karl Barth has alot of things wrong with his ideals. That’s fine, that is what he believes, so be it. What I will not do is call the guy names just because he says a few things contrary to my beliefs. So I ask that you would do the same thing for me, or for anyone of any other real faith.

    p.s. You can pick on Tom Cruise and Scientology all you want, I won’t stop you. 😉

  2. Erik Weibust


    I’m sorry, but Jesus did NOT create the position of the pope. The link you attached doesn’t even begin to prove it, either. However, you are free to believe it and I’m free to disagree with you. I vote we leave it at that.

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