Welcome to the Fraternity Patrick…

I’m very excited to welcome Patrick Miller to the fraternity of world wide bloggers. The blogosphere is a great place and Patrick will be an extraordinary addition to the group.

Patrick is full of hot sports opinions, that I’ll love to argue with him over on his blog (he loves the longhorns and Cowboys). He’ll also, no doubt, spout-off all kinds of good, religious, political, and social commentary.

Go check out Patrick’s blog, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. pastor patrick

    yes indeed, I’ve entered the world of blogging. But I did accidentally pull a switch-a-roo on you Erik (and your fellow blog readers). I’m building two sites, one personal and one for ministry, and the one up now is for ministry. So sorry all, the hot sports opinions and such will be up soon on my personal blog…I didn’t mean to be misleading.

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