Overdue 4th of July Vacation Recap…

This is way overdue, but we had an awesome vacation over the 4th of July and I wanted to get some notes and pictures about the trip up. We spent 5 days driving around Central Texas.

The vacation started with a stop in Waco at the Cameron Park Zoo. The zoo was really good, much better then the zoo here in Dallas. And the cool thing about going to the zoo on the 4th of July was that we, for the most part, had the zoo to ourselves. The boys loved it. They were free to run from animal exhibit to exhibit without anybody to wait for.

After the zoo our next stop was Austin to visit our friends Erin, Steve, Ace, and Ben. Noah and Zach had fun with Ace and Ben and Katie and I had fun with Erin and Steve. The stop was quick but fun.

Thursday morning we left Austin very early and headed for Sea World in San Antonio. While at Sea World we split our time between the water park and the animal exhibits. I’m sure both Noah and Zach would say the highlight of the day was going to the Shamu show.

After a full day at Sea World we drove into San Antonio for dinner on the Riverwalk. The boys got us up early the next morning, which was fine with me because I was very excited to take the boys to one of my favorite spots in Texas, THE ALAMO… Noah really dug the Alamo, especially the cannons. I made a point to take a ton of pics while there to help the the boys… Remember the Alamo!

We spent Friday throught Sunday with the WHOLE family at the River Inn Resort, in Hunt on the Guadalupe River. When I say whole family, I’m talking 23 people! Everybody made it down for an awesome weekend of relaxing, eating, drinking, swimming, drinking, and a bit more drinking.

The best thing about the River Inn Resort was the tube chute they had right on the property. The first time I took Noah on the ride, he hopped up and said, “I HATE this tube chute!” It was the first time I ever heard him use the word hate. I felt bad for him, but still laughed. And sure enough by the end of the next day Noah was in love with the water slide. I think we wrapped up Saturday riding it 30 times in a row. It was literally us riding it, swimming back to shore, walking up the hill and riding again, over and over. Katie took an awesome video of Noah and I riding the tube chute.

Sunday, was a long drive back to Dallas from Hunt. Not an hour into the ride we got a friggin’ flat tire. I can’t really complain as it was my first flat tire I’ve had to change, but it did suck unpacking the truck to get to the flat. After the tire change it was back to Dallas. I look forward to next summer as I think we’re making the River Inn Resort a yearly trip for the family.

Here are the pictures we took:


I forgot to post a link to the video of Noah and I riding the tube chute….  Enjoy…

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