What to do with Barry Bonds…

The whole thing about Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record makes me sick. It’s bullsh!t, but it’s gonna happen. I’m glad that Aaron isn’t showing Bonds any respect by skipping the home run. And I’m equally happy that Commissioner Selig is blowing Bonds off, too.

My only problem is that I don’t want Bonds to be treated like a hero when he hits the record homer. I’m fairly certain that the only place he’ll get a hero’s celebration is in San Fransico. So what I’d like to see happen is for the Marlins to walk Bonds each at bat the rest of the weekend. I don’t want them to give him a single pitch to swing at.

Now, here is where my plan gets good. After the home series, against the Marlins this weekend, the Giants are heading south to play the Dodgers on Tuesday. I would love to see the Dodgers throw Bonds some simple tosses right down the center of the plate. Easy pitches that he can crush. Let him get the 3 HRs he needs on Tuesday. And the key would be the Dodgers not stopping play, acting as if nothing happened. Don’t stop the game. Don’t say anything over the PA. Just pitch to the next batter.

That’s my plan…. you got any better ideas on how MLB can shun Bonds and his sure-to-come record?

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  1. Ryan Breidenbach

    One of the funnier “plans” I have seen is when Barry goes to bat needing one HR to break the record, the pitcher should throw him most ridiculous, underhanded lob pitch he can. Throw is real slow, but throw it for a strike so Barry can still knock it out. That way, every time the record breaking HR is replayed, it will be completely overshadowed by the ridiculousness of the pitch.


  2. Erik Weibust

    That *IS* a great plan. Especially, the fact that the crazy under-arm pitch would “show up” Bonds’ HR.

    I HATE Bonds…. What a disgrace to baseball…

  3. pete

    wow….even as a giants fan, i’m a bit done with this record chase, but a disgrace to baseball????? MLB is the reason we are in this state. Selig is the disgrace to baseball. Why aren’t you saying the same things about mcguire, sosa, pudge, clemens (yes pitchers did it to), sheffield, giambi….the list is really endless, yet none of them are at 754….

    i’m not excited about the record, yes, it’s tainted, i’m a little burnt on bonds…..but come on now….is it really the steroids that are that are making you mad?? if so, why do you watch baseball at all anymore??? they’re all jacked up.

    you know it is simply the fact bonds is a DICK. if you don’t like him cuz he’s a dick, fine…but a disgrace to baseball he definitely is NOT!

  4. Erik Weibust

    Glad to see you’re still reading, Peter C,

    1. Yes, MLB is to blame for letting baseball get where it is, when it comes to the steroids scandal.
    2. I do say the exact same stuff about the guys you list. I’m glad McGuire didn’t make it into the Hall on the first ballot.
    3. I think it’s VERY important that baseball be consistent on how it treats the “roid” players. I say don’t put any in the Hall, or put all of them in (if there number merit it, regardless, of the roids).
    4. I watched baseball, and still do, knowing that nobody got special treatment! Everybody was free to do steroids, and now, nobody can do them.

    Go Cubs!

  5. pete

    but you can still do HGH if you want to. 😉

    Good response. I noticed that you did not reiterate the “bonds is a disgrace” comment. I know you hate bonds, but you hated him before the roids. Don’t use the the roids as your soap box now. If you still hate him because he’s a dick, be different and preach on that and I won’t disagree. The roids are a non factor, everyone did them, bonds was better than everyone else before they were all juiced, and he became a HR god afterwards.

    Of course I will always love baseball, just accept the fact that the record books don’t mean anything anymore and enjoy the game!

  6. Erik Weibust

    HMM… The key is that Bonds would not be breaking the HR record if it weren’t for the roids!!!!

    Yes, I hate Bonds… Yes, I think he’s a dick… Yes, I’ve disliked him for a long, long time. Well before the roids scandal.

    Again, the key is that without the roids Bonds doesn’t break the HR record. That is the KEY thing here.

  7. pete

    and for that you can blame MLB and the wonderful players union, not bonds.

  8. pete

    the good news is that it’s a short term record anyway, A-ROD will hit 850!

  9. MorganLighter

    I think if you search the records, you’ll find that Hank Aaron’s record of 755 is somewhat suspect, as it does not reflect all the home runs he hit. And this is for pete (above), it’s not A-ROD, it’s a-roids. He doesn’t deserve any capitals nor does he deserve any titles.

  10. Erik Weibust

    I agree that A-Rod will break that record. I haven’t heard his name, yet, linked to steroids, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  11. pete

    fair enough, morgan. i think my take away from this is that the record books mean a little less. oh well, it’s still a great game. hank aaron was great in his time, ruth was best in him time, and, love him or hate him, bonds is the best baseball player of these steroid times. it is what it is…

    willie mays was better than all of them anyways!

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