Blogging is another form of communication…

Blogging is a totally different form of communication. It’s not just a static webpage. It’s obviously not email-like. It’s probably closest to a newsgroup. The reason I say a blog is similar to a newsgroup as a blog isn’t a one-way form of communication, it’s not a 2-way form of communication, it’s really a n-way form of communication, just like a newsgroup discussion. The big difference with a blog is that the discussion is always started by the blog owner, and he/she is the “boss”. If the owner doesn’t like somebody’s comment, they can simply remove it.

So why all this talk about what a blog is? Well, I don’t just like to read blogs, I like to participate with other bloggers by commenting on their posts. The thing that makes me crazy is that after I comment on a blog, I’m normally forced to go back to the posts I’ve commented on and see if anyone has followed my comment with some interesting dialog. Occasionaly, I come across a blog where I can check a box to get email notifications of further comments. I dig those blogs. I think Roller/JRoller provides that out-of-the-box.

Now Erik’s… Hmm… has that same functionality. Thanks to the great Subscribe to Comments plugin created by Mark Jaquith. So feel free to leave a comment, check the box for email notification of future comments, and then sit back and see what kind of conversation your comment starts.

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  1. Pastor P

    I appreciate you making me aware of the “notify me” box for blogs. Can you hook me up with that perk? And by the way, when Pastor Mark and I ranked the top ten teams in the NFL over lunch, the Bears made the list. But of course, they were three spots below the Cowboys! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???

  2. Erik Weibust


    I’ll set you up with the email subscribe to comments plugin, and you can admit to the world that Brian Urlacher is the best defensive player in the NFL. 🙂

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