Congrats from Paula…

This morning when I finished my 3-mile run I got a cool surprise.  First let me explain that I run with an iPod Nano and the Nike+.  The Nike+ is a device which measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run (that was stolen from this Wikipedia page). 

I’ve blogged about it before, but summing it up…  the Nike+ turns a boring run into an interactive video game.  Your iPod shows how long you’ve run, how far, as well as the song you’re listening to.  Also, you get audio prompts that say stuff like, 1 mile down 2 more to go.

So this morning I had a rather hard run, that wasn’t helped by my choice of music.  I chose the new Wilco CD which really doesn’t fire me up for running.  Regardless, the bad choice of music didn’t keep me from finishing my run.  And what a surprise I got after the run.  Paula Radcliffe (who holds the women’s marathon record) came on over my headphones to congratulate me for just running my 500 kilometer.  Pretty cool!  Next milestone, 500 miles!

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