Going to Rich Web Experience next week…

I got the clearance from my boss to attend the Rich Web Experience next week. The RWE is run by the people that produce the No Fluff Just Stuff shows so I know it will be a top-notch conference. I’m looking forward to seeing some of my favorites from the NFJS tour (Venkat Subramaniam, Scott Davis, and Neal Ford) however, there are a number of names I haven’t seen present.

I’d love to get some recommendations from people that are going to RWE or have seen some of the other speakers that are presenting? I plan on attending James Ward’s talk, as I previously worked for a company that does a lot of Flex consulting, and I’m kind of a fan of Flex. I also plan on attending Keith Donald’s talk, looking for tips to better use AJAX in our Spring MVC apps here at work. Other then that, I’m not really dead set on what talks I’ll attend.

Another huge positive on attending the RWE is that my best friend lives very close to San Jose so I’ll be seeing him as he’s also attending the RWE. It will be strange spending time with him in a “learning environment”. Since college the only times we get together are for Vegas trips, weddings, or New Year’s parties.  We’ll try hard to save the beer drinking for the afternoon conference sessions.  🙂

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