Rich Web Experience… Starts

I made it to San Jose last night for the Rich Web Experience, my bag didn’t, and had a good time at the speaker pre-party. No I’m not speaking, but I got invited and was glad to attend. Lots of fun, smart guys drinking beer and talking about all kinds of interesting stuff.

This morning I got my bag about 6:30am and got cleaned up and headed down for checkin and breakfast. The conf started with an expert panel, and then it was time for the sessions.

I’m currently sitting in a prototyping talk by Bill Scott. He’s covering a very interesting prototyping framework he created, protoscript. I leaned over and asked the guy next to me about using protoscript in “prod” and a little later someone asked Bill if it was possible. He said no as his JSON logic is double-parsing the protoscript code which makes it too slow for a prod environment.

I plan on hitting talks by David Verba, and James Ward as the day goes on. I’ll post some follow-up thoughts as I have time.

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  1. Tim

    Slacker! I’m going to want a full report when you get back 😉

  2. Mark

    sorry for off topic

    My wife is looking for suggestions on a JDBC book and since I know very little about Java I decided to contact someone who does. I don’t have your email so I’m using this method. Please delete this if you see fit.


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