Szymanski Sucks…

Who sucks?  I’m sure you were expecting a post about Coach Fran sucking.  Nope.  That’s a given.  This post is me lashing out at the Texas Aggie Kicker, Matt Szymanski.  He SUCKS!  I can’t remember a worse Aggie field goal kicker.  It’s not like Fran was sending him out there to kick 5o yarders.  These were easily makeable 30+ yard kicks.  Symanski has missed 8 friggin’ field goals!

There isn’t much to like about the 2007 Aggie Football team.  I wish I could say at least we got a kicker….  Can’t do it.

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  1. bob smith

    Yes he does. Worst kicker the Aggies have had in years.

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