My blog was hacked…

my blog got hacked

If I said I was pissed-off that would be a gross understatement. I have been fighting blog spam for the entire 4+ years I’ve been running Erik’s… Hmm… Up until this past weekend I only had to fight two types of spam: comment and trackback.

What I just went through was much more then comment spam. This time my blog was hacked via a bug in the WordPress blogroll/link code, specifically a bug in wp-admin/link.php. I tried a number of things on my end, none of them stopped the attack. Finally, I looked for help on the WordPress forums. That was the best move I made in all of this. Yesterday I posted something there explaining my problem and by today at lunch there was a WordPress patch that fixed my problem.

A BIG FAT THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HELPED ME OUT. Let me stress to all WordPress users out there…. Upgrade to the current version, and stay up-to-date.

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