Trying to find a new theme for Erik’s… Hmm…

After dealing with the whole “blogroll attack” on this site, I was left with the generic WordPress Default theme. Yes, I was using the Default theme, but I had mod’ed the heck out of it, adding all kinds of widgets (flickr badge, run-o-meter, etc.) into the theme. I think I’m past that now so it’s time for a new theme.

I have narrowed my list of possible themes down to TypoXP or plaintxtBlog. I’m going to use TypoXP this month and try plaintxtBlog in December. I’ll probably look at one more in January and then make a selection. If you look at TypoXP and plaintxtBlog you will see they are both very minimalistic. I really just want a very clean, simple, blog post-centric theme. Not a bunch of pre-installed widgets. Obviously, no images incorporated into the design. AND NO ROUNDED CORNERS!

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  1. Mark

    You are so anti-Radius. 😉

  2. Tim

    Needs more cow bell

  3. Erik Weibust

    *Everything* needs more cow bell… I’ll spend a month tweaking this. Then spend a month looking at something else…. Then I’ll make a decision.

    In the meantime, I’ve got my Yahoo Ads back up so click on one of them. 😉

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