College Football Quick Hits…

Here are a couple College Football quick hits…

  • The Kansas Jayhawks are for real
  • Coach Fran sucks!

I also need to mention the fact that last Saturday Katie and I went down to College Station to meet some of her girlfriends and to watch the Aggie/Kansas game.  The day was perfect, the beer was cold at the Chicken, and Fran sucked.  No really, not wasting any more time on Fran, the day was awesome.

I think the game highlight would have to be the band. The team wasn’t too hot, but the band looked good, and Katie got some great picks.  The pre-game highlight was the Dat Nguyen sighting at the Chicken.  I got the nerve up to go talk to him and he was very friendly.  I informed him that he attended a number of my fraternity’s parties when we were in school, and that we even drank a few beers together.

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