Where I’ve worked… and how long…

My friend Mark called me out, in the comments of the post I announced I was leaving Countrywide. He made a joke about me switching jobs frequently. Which, kind of, is a valid joke at times. However, I’ve also got long time blocks with the same company.

Since my resume isn’t posted here, mostly because I’m not looking for work, I thought I’d cover where I’ve worked, and for how long. Starting with my first job out of college, Texas A&M. Here is the list:

  • Neiman Marcus – 2 yrs 9 months
  • Pegasus Solutions – 4 yrs 8 months
  • Custom Credit Systems – 5 months
  • Roomity.com – 10 weeks (shortest lived startup, EVER) Hi Vic!
  • Mark Miller & Associates – 1 yr 10 months
  • Countrywide – 7 months
  • Credera – I start Mon 11/18

As you can see, I’ve had long periods with some companies, and some very short periods. I definitely gained something while at each stop. My last stop, Countrywide, was good for learning Maven, in a large production project.

So that’s where I’m at. Maybe I’ll write a post about my time at each job when I run out of stuff to blog about. Until then… chew on this.

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  1. Mark

    I Demand A Recount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, I love the irony in the antispam word. “To prove you’re real person please enter the following name.” Let’s see who is holly and jolly and brings gifts in Dec. sorry just thought that was funny.

  2. Pete Carapetyan

    One of the execs at _______ asked about you and where you were about a month ago. When I told him you were moving to Credera he was concerned that it would look bad to have too many moves on your resume. Never even thought about it myself until then. I always thought they hired you for what you could do ant that was it.

  3. Erik Weibust

    I would agree with ________ for certain reasons. However, nobody questions my resume… Would you want to be at Countrywide right now? The US is going through it’s biggest mortgage/financial crisis, ever. CW isn’t really a good place to be, unless you’re a RPG programmer.

    I get interviews with companies because of my great experience. Managers ask about the varying lengths in stays at companies, I explain, and they are more then happy to go further with the interview.

  4. Tim

    But you had such a promising career as an RPG programmer here at CW. RPG is the new Ruby on Rails 😉
    Excessive job hopping really is a bad thing, regardless of experience. Word of mouth will get you past it, but the resumes I see that have excessive job hopping, and no reference from someone I know, go straight into the trash.
    Job hopping is usually a sign that someone sticks around just long enough to cause some damage before their management figures out they’re clueless, and they jump before they get pushed out.
    Not that you fall into this bucket, but it is usually the case.

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