What a week!

The last 7 days have been great. Let me break them down for you…

  • Last Sunday I saw one of my favorite bands, The Smashing Pumpkins, for the first time. Awesome show!
  • Monday I started my new job at Credera. There it is, I’m working at Credera, more to come in the next couple days. Key point, I was so busy I’m just now blogging the last week.
  • After a short 3 day work week I had all kinds of family show up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.
  • Thanksgiving was spent with 11 family members. Dinner was great! Lots of turkey, sides, pies, and quite a bit of beer was drank.
  • Friday I had the pleasure of watching the Aggies beat tu for the 2nd straight year. WHOOP! The the Fightin’ Texas Aggie basketball team proceeded to embarrass Ohio State, winning the Preseason NIT. Friday was easily the best day of my Aggie sports fan life.
  • Saturday started with breakfast with all the family, then we ran them out of town. 🙂 Actually, they just wanted to try to beat traffic heading back to Houston. We took advantage of the quiet to take a 2+ hour “family nap”. Then it was church and some football.
  • Today was the “get the Christmas stuff out of the attic day”. That all needs to be in quotes because it’s a Major Deal. The boys were out-of-control giddy. You would think Santa was coming this afternoon. Then we got together with some friends and watched the Chicago Bears win a truly great football game. Devin Hester is a stud!!! Pencil the Bears in for a wildcard slot. I feel it!!!

I’ll update this post tomorrow with some links to pictures and other stuff.

WHOA…. I almost forgot to mention the best thing…. FRAN IS GONE!!! WHOOP!!! His win over tu this year almost pissed me off…. Had he coached like that the last 5 years he wouldn’t have had to resign.

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