Email Outage…

Just when I think Dreamhost has turned the corner, they hit me with something new….

Currently, Dreamhost is giving it users some added free time via a big, fat, 2-day email outage.   So if you have sent me some email in the last two days and I haven’t responded know it’s not me blowing you off.  It’s my friggin’ email provider.

And if you need to holler at me today, catch me via IM.

  • Google talk: erikweibust
  • YIM: eweibust
  • AIM: efweibust

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  1. Mark

    so you give out your IM address only to turn me down??

    Geez see if I ever comment on your site again.

    (But you just did)



  2. Erik Weibust

    Sorry Mark!!! I didn’t realize that was you. Please send the invite again.

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