Heading to The Spring Experience…

I’ll be heading to The Spring Experience tomorrow morning. I’m very excited for many reasons. One that can’t be understated, is the weather and location of TSE, Hollywood, Florida! It’s cold and wet here in Dallas this week (30s – 50s, with rain all week).

Attending this year’s TSE will make me 3 for 3! Each one has been great, and I’m sure this one will be as well. I’m very interested in the Spring WS talks, as well as catching the Grails for Spring developers talk. The Spring Security talks should be good too, considering the the big improvements they just announced. I’ll definitely make a point to here Rod Johnson speak, at least once.

What’s everyone else that’s going to TSE excited about? Am I missing something new and exciting?

Lastly, if you read this blog, and we haven’t met, make sure and introduce yourself.  I like to put faces to the people who read and comment on this blog.

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