Need new Headphones…

Does anyone have any recommendations for some new headphones.  I’m looking for something that travels well.  I’ll be using them with my iPod and laptop, so they’ll be carried around in my backpack.  I’ve just gone through my second pair of Shure E2cs so I’m fine with paying around $100-$150.  Less would be better, but I want something that sounds very good.

I’ve enjoyed the E2cs, but both pairs broke with the exact same problem.  The cable, which is a much thicker cable then the cable on the iPod earbuds, has cracked in the same place, about two inches from the driver.  The story with the Shure headphones is they are a bit heavy, so you wrap the cable over your ear.  It’s a bit different compared to the Apple earbuds that you just stick in your ear and let hang down.

Anyhow, what do people use/like?

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