iPhone Users…

I’m considering buying an iPhone.  To those of you out there that have one….  are you happy with it?  What do you like about it?  What do you dislike?  Do you use a case with your iPhone or do you just stick it in your pocket (supposedly the thing can’t be scratched)?

Most importantly, is there a reason to wait on buying one?

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  1. Mark

    Given my stance on cell phones in general, rumor has it, a 3G version is coming soon. At&T person (forgot who) sorta let it slip.

    Whether you want one or not with that feature, the prices are sure to drop when they do on the old ones. Or you could just wait two months after they release the new 3G ones for the $200 price drop. :-O


  2. Erik Weibust

    Mark, you are very wise. I’ll definitely hold-off on buying until I can try to find out when the new 3G iPhones are coming. I know Apple has a conference type event coming I think next week.

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