Drinking a Shiner… Watching the Aggies…

Does life get any better? Combining two of my favorite things: beer and the Aggies. Actually, you could technically say, three of my favorite things: beer, the Aggies, and Tivo as I’m watching an Aggie game played earlier tonight. The only bad thing here… is the Red Raiders, whom the Aggies are playing. A victory will make things perfect.

What? You haven’t drank a Shiner? Go buy some. Very good. And made in Texas.

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  1. Ryan Breidenbach

    Did getting smoked by an unranked Tech ruin the experience?

  2. Erik Weibust

    Yes, Ryan…. Getting smoked by Tech sucked, but I have to admit to being a HUGE Bobby Knight fan. So seeing him win his 900th saved the moment a bit.

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