I Bought an iPhone!

Over Christmas, Santa followed me from house to house giving me some money here and there.  I rolled it up, tossed in a bit of my own, and ended up having enough to get the phone.  I’ve been pondering it since Christmas.  I was finally sold, after the Steve Jobs keynote where he talked about the new GPS type feature.

So I’ve only had about 5 hours to play with the iPhone but I can already say that I’m in love.  Best gadget I’ve ever played with.  It’s truly awesome!  I’ll give more details on what I love, really like, like, and dig later.

Noah, my 5 year old, had an interesting reason for liking my iPhone.  He said, “Daddy, I like it because it has an Apple on it.”  I probably shouldn’t capitalize Apple because Noah is more of a fan of apples (the fruit), but either way, he thought my phone with an Apple on it was cool.

This isn’t a review, and I do love the phone, but I have one thing that has me fairly mad.  Why the HECK does the iPhone have a non-standard headphone jack???  WTH???  I just got a brand new pair of Shure headphones and they don’t work.  You’re telling me I gotta use the crappy Apple earbuds?  No way.  I’m sure I’ll Google and find some sort of a jack connector that solves the problem…  but really….  why the different jack?  🙁

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  1. Erik Weibust

    Thanks for the links Mark… I’m guessing I’ll pick up the Belkin jack because I think I’ll stick with my bluetooth headset for phone.

  2. James Giries

    Erik’s phone rocks. Hey slacker shoot me an email so I can link you in on linkedin.

  3. billy

    It is a standard jack. It’s just recessed. Still sucks though.

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