Barak Obama’s True Heritage…

The world will now know the truth about Barak Obama’s past.

How did this go unnoticed by the mainstream media?

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  1. Jacqueline Sugiura

    This is in response to information regarding Barak’s parents meeting at Selma, Alabama in 1961.

    I was a delegate (from Alberta, Canada) at the North American Ecumenical Youth Assembly (NAEYA) in August 1961. Immediately following the close of the assembly, a number of Southern Baptist delegates went to Selma, Alabama where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be. This might have been a rally to get the support of young Americans for the now famous “Selma, Alabama” peace walk/demonstration.

    Mr. Obama’s father could very likely be in attendance as there were many delegates representing countries from all over the world including many African countries at the Assembly. These youth were Christian students enrolled in North American universities. Southern Baptists weren’t the only denomination represented in Selma as I had been extended an invitation. I could not attend as I was travelling with the Canadian (United Church of Canada) contingent and our chartered bus was heading for Canada.

    Therefore the negative queries in the news could be very much in error! (I believe this is in response to Hilary Clinton being caught out in her erroneous tale of her trip abroad.)

    Hope this information can be useful.

    J. Sugiura

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