Who Likes Spring MVC?

Who likes Spring MVC out there? Are you using annotation-driven Spring MVC with the 2.5 features? To me all the @RequestMapping annotations just make controller code harder to read. Call me crazy, but I’m out on annotations for doing my Spring configuration. I greatly prefer configuring my beans in common xml files that are easy to view/edit without digging through a bunch of packages / classes.

What drove me to write this post? I saw Craig Walls give a great talk on Spring MVC and Spring Security tonight at the Spring Dallas User Group. He did a good job selling the 2.5 features, but I think he did a better job selling the 2.0 mvc features. I like the idea of using ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping and InternalResourceViewResolver and getting a nice case of convention over configuration. So I guess some good conventions are better then having to go digging through source code for what my annotations are.

If you want more info, check out Craig’s presentation, which you can download from his site.

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  1. Tim

    We’re still using it and the team is very satisfied. We are not doing any of the annotations though, still XML configuration. I still think it is overkill for simpler sites, but the alternatives (JSF, Struts, etc…) are fates worse than death.

  2. Florin T.PATRASCU

    I love and use Spring every day, but for MVC I am using JPublish. And the two combined are working great for my team. But then again, we are providing support to the Web designers with little or no knowledge about Java; this is where JPublish shines. I am sure that Java developers doing web design (?) are appreciating other frameworks like Spring, Click, Struts, Stripes, you name them. My team however likes to keep it simple and to do our job fast 😉


  3. Mike Miller

    Hi Erik,

    I would like to attend of the Spring User Group meetings but am having a hard time figuring out exactly when the group meets. The website doesn’t publish the meeting schedule, (unless I am missing it somehow).

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