What a week…

This past week was an up-and-down, roller coaster of a week.


One of my favorite days of the year, MLB Opening Day, great day all-around.


My birthday… and I don’t mind getting older. The day was great. Katie and the boys surprised / embarrassed me at work with balloons, and then took me out for lunch. The boys got me Alvin & The Chipmunks on DVD, and a couple bags of candy to share with them while we watch Alvin. Katie got me a Jawbone BT headset (that I had to buy). Great day…


Work wise, great day. We had our monthly management team meeting which is very interesting. Wednesday evening Katie made me my birthday dinner (we had something going on Tuesday night we couldn’t miss). Then I watched Alvin with the boys.

Now things turn… Katie wakes me up around 1:30am with horrible chest pain, and she was shaking with the chills. We talked a bit trying to come up with what was wrong.  We finally decided it must be her appendix and realized she needed to get to the Emergency Room.  We talked a bit about what to do to get her there.  Not wanting to traumatize the boys, Katie decided to drive herself to the hospital.  There is no way I would have gone for this had the hospital not been an easy 2 miles from our house.  So I helped Katie to my truck and she drove to the hospital.  She had to wait for an hour before someone would see her and then it was all the tests you could think of.


Noah and Zach are confused where mommy is…  I tell them the truth, or one geared to a 5 and 3 yr old, and tell them mommy is at the doctor.  They were fine with that when I told them they were going to a good friend’s house to play for the afternoon.  As the day went on, they were very confused, and Katie called to talk to them.

Katie spent half the day in the emergency room, and then was sent up to the hospital for appendix surgery.  She waited and waited, and then the surgeon decided against the surgery.  Katie just got anti-biotics through the IV to kill the infection.

After the boys had dinner, I took them up to the hospital to see Katie.  They were confused at why mommy was all hooked up to the IV and in the hospital gown.  Katie explained that she had a tummy ache and had to stay in the hospital for another night.  We really didn’t know how long she was gonna be there, but telling the boys one night made us all feel better.

I took the boys home, and surprise surprise…  they wanted to watch Alvin before bed.  They had a rough day so I was glad to sit with them and watch.


One cool thing with all this, I got to get Noah ready for school, pack his lunch, and drive him there.  Zach stayed in the neighborhood and played with a friend.

I got up to the hospital and Katie looked better.  The doctor had come by the room and explained that the anti-biotics had got her white blood cell count down to normal and that she definitely wasn’t gonna need surgery.  I ended up taking her home in time to pick up Noah from school.  He was VERY happy to see his mommy.

We had a slow, quiet, relaxing night at the house on Friday night… and the whole family enjoyed watching Alvin together.  It really is a good movie.


Katie is feeling a bit better, and we have a really good day.  Noah plays in his first ever baseball game.  Noah says, no dad, not baseball, it’s t-ball.  I’m excited and he can call it whatever he wants.  My boy is playing baseball!

I was a bit worried the game was gonna be absolutely crazy, but it wasn’t.  The little guys looked really good.  Noah started the game in centerfield, then played pitcher, then catcher, and wrapped up playing firstbase.  The game is a 4 inning deal where all 12 kids on the team play the field and they bat twice, 6 in each inning.  Noah creamed the ball in both his at-bats, and got to round the bases both times.


Laid back day…  we went to church, came home and had lunch, and then did some misc projects around the house.

So that was my crazy week.  I’ve got some good pictures that I’ll post in the next day or so.  Maybe Katie will let me post on of her in the hospital.  Lots of Noah playing baseball.

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