No Fluff Just Stuff – Dallas Day 1 Eve…

… i.e. I’m going to No Fluff Just Stuff Dallas tomorrow.  :)  I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again…  The No Fluff conference is one of the best training buys you can spend your money on.  This will be my 5th No Fluff, and I’ve also attended 3 Spring Experience shows, and a Rich Web Experience.  They’re all run by the guys who bring you NFJS and each one has been great.  I honestly don’t have a single complaint.

The only problem I’ve got is picking out which sessions I’m going to attend.

What I know I’m going to attend:

I know I’ll catch a Scott Davis talk, and I plan on hearing Neal Ford talk.  Hopefully, I can also fit in a Venkat Subramaniam talk.  The problem is making the talks I want to see work with the schedule.

If you’re in Dallas and gonna attend let me know.  Also, if you’ve recently attended a NFJS show, let me know what you liked.

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  1. Brian Hurley

    This was my first NFJS event but I agree with you.

    No complaints at all! (Except for the food)

    I think that it has affected the way that I will program in the future. Especially the TDD lecture by Neal Ford. I don’t know why I wasn’t programming that way earlier.

    Brian Hurley
    (read my blog for more comments on the event)

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