Cygwin Question…

Do you use Cygwin?  I do.  I love it.  If you’re stuck using windows, IMO, Cygwin is a must install app.

Anyhow, the point of this post is why doesn’t cygwin have a clear command?  Am I missing something?  I just ran setup and looked through the full list, twice, and didn’t see a clear to install.  Is there something about clear that is so complicated it can’t be implemented in cygwin?  I kind of assumed it was a dumb-simple command.


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  1. Mark

    I agree with your view of must install but my current job and my last job did/do not want to see it loaded.

    Just between you me and this keyboard I don’t most of them “got it.”

  2. Richard Troth

    Look in the NCURSES package for a ‘clear’ command.

    I use CYGWIN too. Love it!
    Not everyone likes it, so I often have to back up and tell my story:
    Three years ago, I thought CYGWIN was a toy and terribly unreliable.
    But now I find it robust and required. There are three (at least)
    POSIX environments for Windows, the one from Microsoft, the one from
    Mortice Kern (MKS), and then CYGWIN. Of the three, CYGWIN is
    the most complete and the least costly.

  3. erik weibust


    Thanks for stopping by. What is your take on using cron to start and stop services through cygwin? Do you just set them up as windows services or do you use cygwin and cron?


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