New TV Being Delivered Today…

I’m entering the land of Really Big TV Owners today.  I bought a Samsung 52-Inch LCD and it’s getting delivered today.  I am very, very excited.  I can’t wait to watch the Aggies play football on this thing. I think everybody is excited to get it hooked up and be watching their favorite shows/movies on the new TV, even Katie, and she isn’t much of a TV watcher.

If you’re wondering why I went with an LCD?  Mainly because we have a large family room and I wanted the outstanding viewing angle this TV and most LCDs offer.  It’s got a 178 degree viewing angle!  You can dang-near be standing right next to it, or right below it, and see it just as clear as if you were sitting in front of it on the couch.  Another reason for the LCD is it does well in bright rooms and our family room has 4 huge windows along with the kitchen windows behind it.

I’ll get pics up after everything is setup as well as go in to details about all the other bits I’ve added to make the sound and video work with the TV (I’ve bought more then just the TV).

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