Boone Pickens for President…

Did that headline get your attention?  Have you heard of Boone Pickens?  If not, google him and read all you can about the man.  He has a plan to save America.  The Pickens Plan.  He wants to get America off Mid-East oil and I agree with everything he’s saying. has a great article about him and his plan.  One of my favorite Pickens’ quotes from the article is:

“Our dependence on imported oil is killing our economy. It is the single biggest problem facing America today”

I agree with him 100%.  The Mid-East has us in a place where they own us.  Between them and China, America is in a deep, deep hole and we need to get out.  Pickens has a plan that will work.  Please get behind him.

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  1. bradford taylor

    I’m happy to see that someone is trying to take up a leadership role in the absence of leadership from our politicians.

  2. Lee

    I wasn’t sure whether you were (are) kidding or not, but I’d love to see this guy run for president. He certainly beats the 2 other clowns that are running.

  3. F. Dresp

    Pickens has my vote. Where can I go to support an actual leader who cares about the plight of Americans.

  4. erik weibust

    One thing I know… with Pickens’ energy plan there wouldn’t be soldiers getting killed in Iraq. We wouldn’t need there oil and we would be able to step back and let the Middle East countries just kill each other off over the oil that we wouldn’t need anymore.

  5. Mary Grosso

    Hey, I’m for Pickens for President, sounds like he has a solid plan, Would like to know his stand on other issue’s, do you think he is considering running

  6. erik weibust

    Hi Mary…

    I wish Pickens was running, but I’m pretty sure it’s much too late to declare for him. Maybe he could get the VP nod from McCain.

  7. Greg Beauprez

    I would like to see Pickens run. He kind of has the Ross Perot background, but not as nerdy. I would vote for him.

  8. Dixon Winchester

    Pickens has that down home, have a beer with me way of speech. I’m sure he is appealing to a lot of people just as evil George Bush had the same appeal. Unlike King George, I feel Pickens has the right plan and is sincere in his efforts.
    However, before I could support him, I would need to know his stance on the US Constitution and his views of freedom.

    At first blush, he has my support, but much, much more about him is needed to be known.

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