Nancy Pelosi is worthless…

Nancy Pelosi is worthless.  She is one of the most powerful women in the United States and all she has done with her power is complan about President Bush.  Is it possible to impeach a House Speaker because Nancy Pelosi is probably the worst the United States has ever had.

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  1. orlando

    Nancy Pelosi is a housewife turned politician. her husband conned worker compensations for workers in California.

    include the bums like Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Susan Surandon

    bums mentioned:

    Jimmy Carter

    Bill Clinton

    Hillary Clinton

    Harry Reid

    Dick Durbin

    Ted Kennedy

    Nancy Pelosi

    Barbara Boxer

    Harry Reid

    Patrick Leahy

    Charles Schumer

    Diane Feinstein

  2. BlahBlahBlah

    Obviously, the above list is a who’s who of whiners (are these the people that Phil Gramm refered to when he spoke of a nation of whiners?) As far as Susan Sarandon and her ilk is concerned, I find it amazing that these people get so much press for the stupidity that emanates from their pie holes as if it were important and relevant. They do not represent the average american. Neither do these politicians. I hope the american public wakes up in November and rewards the do nothing congress of ’06-’08 by getting these losers out…didn’t gas prices double since the Democrats took over? Is it true Cindy Sheehan is running for Pelosi’s seat? Talk about the frying pan or the fire…

  3. jimbo

    I can’t believe Pelosi is where she is. It is a sad example of how bad things have become. A do nothing complainer with no vision

  4. Richard

    Nancy Pelosi is worthless because she has done NOTHING about Dick Cheney’s admission of war crimes, which admission is the biggest story of this century. She should have initiated impeachment proceedings instead of retreating into an immoral silence with the rest of her senate colleagues, all of whom will pay a terrible price for their silence in future years.

    We as a nation must acknowledge these crimes and actively seek the forgivemess of our victims….. otherwise we are no better than barbarians. These crimes are a moral cancer which will inevitably destroy us from within. Our days as a nation are numbered unless these moral crimes are atoned for.

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