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A couple few weeks ago I got a Twitter account.  I wasn’t really sure what I was gonna do with it, or how often I’d post (tweet).  Well, I’ve come to enjoy “tweeting” and find that it takes the place of some of the stuff I would blog about.  With blogging I’ve occasionally said, “that ain’t worth a blog post,” and those are the *perfect* times to write a Twitter post.

So I apologize for not blogging as frequently as I used to, but you can definitely keep up with me on Twitter, and I think you’ll find I do a much better job of keeping you up-to-date with me and the family.  I’ve also installed a new WP plugin that will auto-generate a blog post with all my Twitter activity for the day.  Feel free to leave comments on the Twitter updates just like you would on a normal blog post.

Lastly, for those of you that don’t know what the heck I’m talking about and are wondering what Twitter is you can read this great entry on Wikipedia.

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  1. Mark

    IMHO, please do not include your twitter updates in your blog’s RSS feed.


  2. Erik Weibust


    The best compromise I can make is only posting the daily digest. IMO, it’s worth it posting to my blog. I know I have a number of readers that aren’t on Twitter, and I want them to still gain the benefit in “keeping up” with what’s going on in my life there.

    I hope I don’t lose your eyeballs.


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