Eclipse Hates SVN…

Yup, I said it…  Eclipse hates SVN.  The way I see it, Eclipse treats Subversion like a red-headed stepchild.  How long has Subversion been around now?  Years and years, since 2000 to be exact.  Yeah, it’s been around for 8 years.  And Eclipse still only does a half-ass job of supporting subverion.  The Eclipse Foundation choose Subversive as their svn client/plugin of choice back in Nov 2007.  Yet, to get Subversive up and running in Eclipse is a matter of pain and suffering.

Eclipse just released their yearly version, this year they’re calling it Ganymede, and it was supposed to kind of have svn/Subversive support….  but heck no.  Good luck getting it working.  The documentation/instructions suck at best, being fair, the instuctions are crap.

Oh, I’m so close to giving NetBeans a serious look.

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  1. Stephan Schmidt

    We use Eclipse/SVN at work. It’s a pain, it crashes sometime with big commits (how can it, a SCM I trust my sources with) or doesn’t see changes. Really bad. Privatly I have been using IDEA for years without any SVN problems.


    PS: How can a SCM(-client) dare to crash?

  2. Tim

    I second the IntelliJ IDEA suggestion. Works great and stays out of your way. A true coder’s editor, not an IDE. And you even have a free license to it!


  3. Rob Davies

    I used to struggle with SVN on eclipse but not since using the pure Java interface option – preferences->team->SVN.

    Have you tried that ?



  4. Erik Weibust

    IntelliJ is not an option. I need a FOSS IDE which leaves Eclipse and Netbeans.

    Can you please clarify how to get to the pure Java option? I didn’t see anything on Prefs -> Team -> SVN that looked like a pure java option.

  5. Frans Thamura


    i use eclipse since 2.0, and now there is 3.4 that cannot run subclipse easily.

    i dont know why eclipse people change the spec of their plugins, that is bad…

    hurting community.

  6. Geoffrey Wiseman

    Huh. I occasionally have issues with Eclipse/subversive, but I don’t find it too troublesome for the most part. I’d prefer it to be stronger, but it’s good enough that I don’t bother with the command-line for the most part.

    But, then, if you think you’re going to have a better time with NB, I encourage you to try. I looked at NB about a year back and one of the things that quickly drove me back to Eclipse was the support for SVN in NB — the interface was ugly and incredibly limiting.

  7. Rob

    Have you tried subclipse, Use it with subversion and eclipse everyday and I am quite please with it.

  8. Erik Weibust

    Hmm… Rob, we had a few problems with Subclipse and decided to move to Subversive, since Eclipse picked it as the standard. I think as soon as the Eclipse people get Subversive fully integrated this won’t be an issue.

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