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I have Java support working with Google Chrome.  I followed the video instructions left in the comments by Vladimir and I’m good.  Watch this video or just know that you need Java SE 6 Update 10.


Google Chrome…  I dig it, but it needs work.  I guess Google’s “out” is that Chrome was released as Beta.  It kind of bothers me that *everything* Google releases is Beta.  Has Google ever finished a product?

I think there is a ton to like about the design decisions Google made when beginning work on Chrome.  Google covered them all in a cool, hip comic book.  I guess they couldn’t get their hands on a tech writer, but found an out-of-work comic book illustrator.  Either way, the artist got all the important points across.  Chrome is multi-process by page/tab, they wrote a jvm for JavaScript called V8, they went with WebKit for page rendering, tabs are first-class citizens (not parts of the browser), and many other things.

One annoying thing was that Google Chrome proudly states that the browser won’t crash, just individual tabs.  Well, within an hour of using Chrome, it crashed on me.  I grabbed a screenshot to prove it.

Google Chrome crashes
Google Chrome crashes

Another thing Google Chrome needs to work on is it’s tab support. I know that I abuse browsers that support multiple tabs. I know I could bookmark a tab or two, or tag them with delicious a bit more frequently… but hey, if the browser supports multiple tabs, why should I ever close one. Right now, I’m running Chrome with 50+ open tabs. The screenshot below clearly shows that once you get a bunch of open tabs you can’t really tell which tab is which. I *really* dig how Firefox handles more tabs then fit a screen, they just turn them into a left-right scroll.

Google Chrome has problems with multiple tabs
Google Chrome has problems with multiple tabs

My last complaint, or maybe “improvement area” is where is Java support? Come on? Google is one of the biggest supports of Java out there. Get some Java support, please.

Google Chrome does NOT support Java
Google Chrome does NOT support Java

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  1. anjan bacchu

    hi erik,

    I’m surprised that there isn’t any java support. Google, how could you ???!!!!


  2. Barry


    I tried it yesterday and could not get Java to work.
    Searching their question database yields that you need Java 1.6.0_10 for it to work, so I’ll have to have a look and confirm it.
    Flash worked fine



  3. Kichu

    I was quite excited to install Google Chrome as soon as it was available for public download. However, I am bit disappointed after few hours of use.

    I agree that Chrome is light weight and fast. I could open more than 30 tabs and still working fine.

    What disappointed me most is, it crashed after few minutes of use. See this Google chrome reviews to find more about the Google chrome crash report –

  4. Erik Weibust

    Howdy Anjan and Barry,

    Thanks for stopping by… Yeah, isn’t it crazy Google passed on Java support?.


  5. Josiah

    🙂 Thanks for your thoughts. I think it is very amusing that you managed to crash it.

    I’m really itching to get the Linux/Mac versions so I can really test it. I’m not going to be spending much time running Windows so it doesn’t make sense to use it for any period of time. I did spend about an hour with it yesterday afternoon and found the speed to be very nice. javascript heavy applications in facebook were much more responsive, gmail rocked, gcal rocked.

    Yep, needs to be cleaned up a bit though. The tab issue is one I’d run into if I was running it for days. I’m curious to see what happens after people have had a chance to let it take days of abuse. Firefox can be a bit touchy if I haven’t closed it for a week or so in Linux.

  6. Someone

    Listen to Vladimir.

    Java *does* work. You just need the ultra latest version of it.

    There are a couple of performance problems with Flash, mainly.

  7. inflame

    It’s quite stupid to develop a browser which supports ONLY something that is STILL IN BETA. Don’t know what they were thinking.

  8. someone

    Actually, you have it the other way around, inflame. Java developed their software for a BETA version of Google Chrome.

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