Barack Obama is Bad for America…

Barack Obama is bad for America…

Barack is pushing a disgusting socialist platform.  You think America is getting run-down with lazy, unmotivated people now?  Wait until Barack starts his socialist handouts, it will be horrible.  His distribution of wealth will kill the American spirit and drive.

Barack is anti-Christian.  Pushing his pro-abortion, killing babies, platform.  God created the children Barack wants to allow people to abort.  Killing is killing and Barack is for it.

Barack backs, even campaigns for,  evil, oppressive foreign governments.  You just don’t hear about it because of the miserable state of the American media.

The good thing is that if Barack wins tomorrow he will so quickly tarnish his political image that he will be out in four years and the Republican movement will take over and rule America.

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  1. Amanda

    I pray every night that Barack will not be my husband’s Commander in Chief. I have to believe that God will not let that happen. It’s too depressing not to.

  2. Amanda

    It is scary to think that so many Americans are for killing babies. It is more amazing that Obama can call himself a Christian and still promote abortion. I also can’t believe that so many Americans are not concerned even a little bit about his ties to the middle east. Also, is it just me or did he have a perfect answer to every problem we have. If it is that easy to fix all the problems America has why hasn’t anyone else thought of them? I hope and pray that God has a plan for things to turn out the way they did.

  3. Mark

    Must agree. His support of all things abortion is beyond disturbing as well as his anti-christian stance on many things. Once again people voted for the person who gave the best motivational speeches but very little solid experience.

    Funniest thing I heard was some elderly person saying that she can’t vote for McCain because he is too old. And if that ever happen she could never see Palin VP take over with so little experience. HUH? Neither does Obama. The other joke I’d have a good laught at are all the women who are upset that Palin was only picked because of her looks. Funny thing, if not for both JFK and Clinton’s looks the female would not have supported them.

    Everyone wants to vote but no one does anything but watch a few infomercials.

    Oh well.

  4. Erik Weibust


    I would say I agree with everything you’re saying. I do believe God has a plan for everything and am interested to see His plan in this.

    In Obama’s acceptance speech he seemed like he wanted to bring people together. We’ll have to see.


  5. Erik Weibust


    Great points. I obviously agree completely. Abortion is wrong in God’s eyes no matter what the reason. Supporting it is wrong and damaging.

    Barack said he wants to bring the country together. His actions will speak to how true his speech was.


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