Dusting Off the Blog…

Yeah, I have totally blown-off this blog.  I apologize, but I’m hooked on twitter.  For those that are asking, “What is twitter?”  Please view this link for an explanation on twitter.  Honestly, I’ve been fulfilling my blogging needs over on twitter, but that ends now as I plan on getting back to blogging.  My first blog post is to point you to my twitter account.  Just kidding.  🙂

Topics that I warrant blog posts:

  • Our new Presidnet
  • Katie and I expecting our 3 kiddo!  (sorry I didn’t announce that here and dropped it on the twitter feed)  She is like 16 weeks.  We’ll find out what #3 is 1/6/09
  • The disgrace that was Coach Sherman Year 1
  • The comedy that is tu not playing in the BCS title game while OU, a team they beat, is.

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  1. Mark

    >>Mega Congrats on the new family addition.

    >> As for the minor NFL leag..er I mean college football thing, unless you somehow incorporate some form of playoff model, people like me will equate it with Skating and it’s horrendous “Voting” scheme. All you would need to do is create a “top division”. Fill it with the best schools, so for one year take most of the bowl teams, and then cut it in half. One half plays everyone, and so does the other. And just like football, the Rose or Orange or Joe’s Pizza bowl will host the title game. Each year replace the bottom losing schools, say four teams with teams that won their lower divisions thus giving them a chance at the title.

    >> As for our new president, you know it’s going to be a rough ride if we can’t even get a simple matter of a birth certificate straightened out. Why this guy doesn’t just post it to his Change website and be down with it is beyond me. And the courts telling folks that voted in the election that they cannot question the presidents eligibility shows everyone just how far this country is from a democracy.

  2. Tim

    First, welcome back to the blog world you slug! Twitter is for the ADD crowd.

    @Mark. Take off your tinfoil hat. Let it go. http://tinyurl.com/48pyj6

  3. Erik Weibust

    1. Thanks for the well-wishes on #3.
    2. I agree with the football playoffs, but unfortunately big-business won’t let that happen. Either way, I love my Aggies. I just have to deal with the mess that CF is today.
    3. I’m cutting Obama some slack until he takes office. Look for my opinions in late-January.

    Twitter is for the cool-crowd. Blogs are for the long-winded. I’m in both. 🙂


  4. Mark

    Tim – Tin foil hat? Hardly. I”m an engineer and we work with pure logic. Logically speaking why has posting a BirthCert taken soooo long? My goodness I can produce mine, my wife’s and two sons in less then 1minute. You would think that someone who has served in the elected official arena would have produced this doc a few times during the last few years. For me it just seemed out of the ordinary. Plus if you look at what I said, I mentioned that if something so easy as a BC caused this much issue. I also mentioned how the courts acted in response to such an easy request. Either way it’s over for now.

    BTW, Elvis lives and he’s currently hunting down BinLaden is Afghanistan. 😉

  5. Tim

    They sure get dusty again quickly though, don’t they? 🙂

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