Optimize the iPhone 3G Battery Life…

I’m excited to say I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend for time with friends, gambling, and lots of free drinks.  My problem is I have an iPhone 3G so it’s battery will be dead within 6 hours of landing and I won’t be communicate with my friends.  The point of this post is me looking for some tips on improving battery life.

With the goal of maximum battery life and no need for anything but phone/text support here is my plan.

  1. Disable 3G support
  2. Disable bluetooth
  3. Disable wifi
  4. Turn the screen brightness to it’s lowest setting.

Am I missing anything?  Should I just turn the phone off, completely, and only power on when I want to make a call or check for messages?

Please provide tips/tricks that you have found to improve battery life.  Thanks…

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  1. Erik Weibust

    Thanks for the tips, Matt!

    What I’m really wanting to do, though, is not increase the size or weight of my iphone. I’m wanting to turn-off unnecessary services and squeak out as much juice as i can.


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