2011 Fantasy Football Team…

We just had our 2011 Fantasy Football Draft Party.  Dang good time!  Been playing with the same 12 guys for six years now.  Best I’ve done is come in second place.  I think this year I have a legitimate chance to WIN IT ALL!

My draft preparation was focused on the great insight published by ESPN Fantasy Football guru, Matthew Berry. Specifically, I took notes from his Draft Day Manifesto.  Anyhow, the steal of the draft was me sprinting up to our board and grabbing Michael Vick with the 9th pick.  I have no idea how he fell that far but I’m not complaining!  Then, my double whammy, was me stealing Antonio Gates in the end of our 4th round!  If you think I’m crazy, go read the stats in the DDM linked to above.

Here are the rest of my genius picks:

Rd 1 – QB – Michael Vick

Rd 2 – WR – Roddy White

Rd 3 – RB – Frank Gore

Rd 4 – TE – Antonio Gates

Rd 5 – RB – Knowshon Moreno

Rd 6 – WR – Santana Moss

Rd 7 – RB – Pierre Thomas

Rd 8 – WR – Johnny Knox

Rd 9 – WR – Mike Thomas

Rd 10 – RB – Daniel Thomas

Rd 11 – K – John Kasay

Rd 12 – DEF – Atlanta Falcons

Miscellaneous observations…  I grabbed 4 guys with 4 letter last names…  I grabbed 3 guys with the last name of Thomas…  Clearly, if my job as a Technology Consultant goes south, I should be able to land a job in the NFL as a GM.

Here is the draft board to back this up:

2011 Fantasy Football Draft Board

Look for a celebratory / told-you-so blog post at the end of the season when I will the Fantasy Bowl!

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  1. champ

    sorry, came across this, there is no way this team came anywhere near the finals and if it did, well thats just ludacris.

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