Dang You, Taunting Me Old Blog…

I catch a good amount of crap from good friends about this old, dusty blog of mine. One guy in particular, not naming names, but he sits right next to me at work 😉 , likes to make fun of me when I say stuff like, “I need to write a blog post about that,” or even worse, “I am going to write a blog post about that” (because I never get around to it). For you history buffs, I’d like to brag that I “birthed” Erik’s Hmm… almost nine years ago with this gem of a post.

Anyhow, the reason I don’t write those posts that I want to, even plan to, is simple. It’s Twitter. I love Twitter. It lets me say what I want, quickly and easily. It forces me to be concise, 140 short characters, concise. Which is definitely one of my biggest struggles when trying to make a point. So Twitter is perfect for me. I can quickly say something, or retweet somebody else that has said what I want to say. I get my point “out there”. You know what I think, what stance I’m taking (Obama sucks, the Aggies will dominate the SEC, the Cubs are pathetic, Grails is the one web framework to rule them all, etc.). It’s why I went as far as posting my tweets on this blog. The tweets were replacing my posts so I wanted them here.

Well, the urge to blog has been too strong lately and the 140 char wall has been to limiting. I’m gonna try to be more regular here. However, I’m going to be raw and unpolished. I’m just gonna type an entry and publish. Plan on lots of grammar issues, misspellings, half-baked thoughts, but best of all you will get my hand-crafted, hot-sports opinions, which is why the four of you line up to read this. 🙂

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