Not making New Year’s Resolutions, but…

I am going to set some goals for the year. 🙂

The first thing I plan to do is cut another 10 pounds this year. Last year, with a very weak effort of eating/living the Paleo Diet I went from 210 down to 200 lbs. I figure with a bit more dedication I should be able to get down to 190 by end-of-year. If I don’t look better come December, please take some shots at me for being a bit pudgy.

Next up on the list is the generic, “Exercise more,” goal. I started working on this one on 12/30. I’m being a bit more serious on this one, getting a 2-day head-start. 😉 Anyhow, I’ve logged 5 workouts over an 8 day period. Some a bit easier than others, but this is a plan for the year, not an overnight crash-course in health.

The third personal goal is running  a 10 K. Back in high school I ran the mile and 2-mile, among the other sports I did. I have run on and off since high school. And have run a few 10 milers, so a 10K isn’t a distance record for me. It’s a distance record since I was introduced to beer and rare steaks, and I’ve had a lot of both since I used to run a lot.

I began my training today by hauling-off and running a 5K around our neighborhood. I haven’t run a 5K in a few years. The longest distance I’ve jogged the last couple of years has been 2 miles. Anyhow, I took it really easy today and finished in 37 minutes (here is the proof).

Please feel free to keep me honest. Ask me if I’ve been exercising (I plan to do it before work a few days a week and once on the weekend). Ask how I’m progressing on the 10K. Ask if I’ve signed up for one (anyone interested?). And lastly, be nice about it, but ask if I’ve lost any weight. 😉

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  1. john99jacobs

    Nice, will do the 10K with you. For a good training program check out Ease into 10K by @bluefinapps

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