I Completely Disagree With Prime Minister Blair…

I’m listening to the news about the terrorist attack on London today (7/21/05). Specifically, right now I’m listening to the news conference that Prime Minister Blair is giving on the attacks. He has repeatedly mention that the best thing people can do is just go on with their lives. He is suggesting that ignoring the attacks and going on with your business as you normally would will be the best way to defeat the terrorists.


The best way to defeat the terrorists is to pack up all the US troops, tanks, fighter planes, and helicopters that are sitting in Iraq and move them right into Iran. That is ONE place that we (CIA, FBI, military, and all Americans) know has an over-abundance of terrorists. The terrorists there are free to plan and stage attack after attack. Take the fight to the terrorists. Fight them on their land, not on the land of the UK or US.

How does sitting on your hands, ignoring the innocent people that are being killed, win a war?